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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Disney RE-WIND: Lizzie McGuire: Season 1 Part 2

Episode #06 "Jack Of All Trades"
Gordo thinks that his teacher Mr. Pettus is adopting a partisan approach by awarding him only 'B' grades instead of 'A's. So he plans to switch projects with Lizzie. Meanwhile, Matt changes his name to "M-Dogg".
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Episode #07 "Aaron Carter Is Coming To Town"
Aaron Carter comes to town to shoot a Christmas-themed music video. Matt, Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo decide to sneak in to meet him. While Matt is successful in doing so, Lizzie and her friends are chased around the studio by the security guards. Eventually, Lizzie gets to meet him and Lizzie and Miranda get to feature in the music video along with Carter.
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Episode #08 "Misadventures Of Babysitting"
When a babysitter is unable to make it, Lizzie's parents reluctantly let Lizzie babysit her brother, Matt. She soon discovers that babysitting is not as easy as it looks, even with her friends' help.
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Episode #09 "Election"
Lizzie decides to run for school president and starts to become very egotistical, shrewd and obsessed with winning. Matt makes up an imaginary friend named Jasper, which worries his parents a lot.
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Episode #10 "I Do, I Don't"
For a class project, Lizzie and her classmates are paired up for marriage. Lizzie becomes jealous, when Miranda ends up with Ethan Craft. She soon discovers that Kate (who is paired up with Larry Tudgeman) wants Ethan to leave Miranda at their "20 year reunion" (which is a part of their project) and Lizzie has to find a way to tell her. Matt builds a cave and his dad joins him there to live in solitude.
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Episode #11 "Bad Girl McGuire"
Lizzie becomes friends with a goth girl and develops bad habits and a bad personality. Miranda and Gordo are concerned with this and decide to help Lizzie become her old self. Matt is given the freedom to stay up late at night but after initial euphoria, Matt starts having problems in staying awake during daytime.
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Episode #12 "Between A Rock And A Bra Place"
Lizzie and Miranda go shopping for their first bras with Lizzie's mom embarrassing them along the way. Meanwhile, Matt asks for Gordo's help to direct a martial arts film to enter in a contest.
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Episode #13 "Come Fly With Me"
In order to stand out of the crowd, Gordo sports a 1950s attire (including a Sinatra fedora) and starts listening to the rat pack. But he is disappointed when the trend catches on with the whole school, including Lizzie and Miranda. Matt and Lanny try their hand at creating a record in order to get their names featured in the Guinness book of world records
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Episode #14 "Random Acts Of Miranda"
Lizzie gives Miranda a bad review when she plays the lead role in the school play. Miranda soon realizes that singing is her main talent, rather than acting. Matt and Lanny want a pair of walkie-talkies but Matt's parents refuse to pay for it. So Matt sells everything he owns, including his bed and clothes to get the money.
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Episode #15 "Lizzie's Nightmares"
Lizzie is in a frenzy because Ethan Craft has asked her to sit with him at lunch the next day. Matt boards the wrong school bus and spends a day at Lizzie's school where Lizzie has a harrowing time when everyone is besotted with Matt, including Ethan Craft.
Click Here To Download

There are 16 more episodes in season one,
i will post them later, download these ones first :]
Remember, if you want me to post them,

1 comment:

Niggie said...

OMG thank you soo much i love lizzie mcguire plz post the rest and thank you for posting these it givesme something to watch between my classes


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