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Friday, October 31, 2008

Phil Of The Future Season One Part 1

The show centers around the Diffys, a family from 2121 who get stuck in 2004 during their trip through time. The series focuses on their attempt to fit in while trying to fix their time machine and return to the year 2121.

Episode #01 "Your Cheatin Heart"
When Phil finds out that Keely's crush, Tanner, is cheating on her he tries to tell Keely but she thinks that he's just trying to break them up. He then morphs himself into Tanner when Darcy, the girl he's cheating on with Keely , and kisses Darcy in front of a camera. Keely then finds out and apoligizes to Phil. Meanwhile, Pim tries to break up Debbie and Bradley because they annoy her with their love talk. She tricks Debbie into thinking that Bradley hit on her causing Debbie to throw a pie in his face. Debbie then wants Bradley back and asks Pim to train her to be just like her. In the end, Bradley ends up really liking Pim.
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Episode #02 "Unification Day"
Phil's family decides to celebrate Unification Day, the time in the future when world peace began, but Phil and the crew get invited to an 11th grade party. Debbie helps Pim in cooking after she consecutively uses restaurant food as her assignment.
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Episode #03 "Meet The Curtis"
The Diffy family find out that a caveman sneaked into their time machine, and Lloyd tries to get rid of him, but Phil wants to keep Curtis.
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Episode #04 "Phillin' In"
To get a booster card for his skyak, Phil has to watch Pim while their parents are gone for the weekend; Pim tries to sabotage the weekend. Lloyd and Barbara have unknown mishaps on their road trip.
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Episode #05 "Tanner"
Phil gets sent back to the 2nd grade to improve his penmanship. He then meets Tanner's little brother who has a camera taped onto his helmet. After his embarrassing moments in the 2nd grade he finds out that Tanner's little brother's camera that was taped onto his helmet taped all the things he did in 2nd grade, so he goes to Tanner's house and climbs to his room to try to get the tape back. He fails. The next morning , Tanner reveals to the whole student body that Phil Diffy went back to the 2nd grade. And he shows all the things Phil did. The Phil admits that he went to the 2nd grade , but as he was saying this Tanner's little brother comes and tells of all the embarrassing things Tanner did such as he was crying at the petting zoo last week because the goat touched him and his mom had to by him an ice cream to make him stop crying.
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Niggie said...

the first episode link is not working and is it possble to put them in avi of mp4 format thanks anyway hope you keep going with these series

alexandrasantos0 said...

That's my favorite tv show!

Ambika said...

please please post more!


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